Art Walk Feature: Judie Lee and Julie Kessler

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String Theory Creations will feature these great local artist during June and July. Meet them and have some wine and chocolates on June 27th from 6-9pm right in our shop during Sanford’s Art Walk!Judie & Julie


United again after more than 20 years, twin sisters, Judie Lee & Julie Kessler are a dynamic visionary team.  Collaborating and working independently, the prolific artists fuel each other’s creative drive.  Born in a small town on New Year’s Day, the sisters eventually ended up on two different coasts, one in Seattle, and the other in Florida.  Eventually, twin power won over, reuniting them in 2010 and setting off a collaborative fever.  Judie’s individual works are a myriad of mediums including mixed media, acrylic, glass fusing and metal. Her paintings comprise of grand harmonious riffs of color infused into a kaleidoscope of layers.  Some of her larger bodies of work include playful paintings, The Keepers, a rich cast of characters in, The Wine Cellar Chronicles and her present muse, Knockers & Daisies, a series of paintings and photography that pay homage to wise women over the age of 40Julie has been creating art since her earliest years.  Adding a dash of spirit, serenity and playful magic to homes and gardens is what she does best!  Julie works in a variety of media including painting, mosaic, recycled materials and metal.  Eight years ago, she took a welding class and was hooked. Julie feels creating art has helped her through the most difficult times. She continues on her journey with her beloved daughter who has autism. Seeking refuge in her studio, her thoughts and work often reflect on themes of motherhood and family. Her sculptures capture an emotional presence of warmth, humor and charm. Playful birds and flora take on a kind of surreal humanistic character that transports the viewers to familiar places and times, a mother’s hug, a child vying for attention and family gatherings. Together Judie & Julie have merged their artistic minds to create Simply Modern Art.   Their favorite collaborative journey so far is turning recycled car hoods into large-scale wall art, sculptures and furniture.  Together they select car hoods from scrap yards, and with lots of elbow grease they clean and degrease the hoods often finding inspirational design within the car hood patina.  They draw and paint the hoods together from start to finish.  Design ideas are abundant.  The hardest part is deciding which design to use next. They will often work on multiple hoods at the same time. The results are fresh, colorful and sure to make you smile.

About Us

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String Theory Creations LLC is a specialty retail store with fine artist-made pieces that will cover many mediums; sculpture, paintings, and jewelry. The focus will be on high-end pieces that use glass, metals, and wood. Continuing the trend of artist made, we will also carry one-of-a-kind accessories such as scarves, purses, aprons, and hats. Our goal is to have unique, hard to find items that appeal to any artsy trend-setter. Founding partners, Linda and Christina Hollerbach, have a vast knowledge of business, accounting, marketing, and operational management. This is all uniquely combined with a love and skill for art. Linda has an MBA from Rollins College with over 30 years of experience in business and marketing for many companies including their family’s very successful restaurant Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Café. Christina has worked and managed the daily operations of that business for over a decade. They both have been making and enjoying art all their lives. At this point, it only seems fitting that they combine all their loves in this specialty store that not only provides an outlet for their art but will hopefully benefit the town of Sanford that they love so much.