Meet Our Featured Artists for Art is a Drag

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Our Featured Artists Julie and Judie

Our Featured Artists Julie and JudieOn March 19th, Downtown Sanford will come alive with our edgiest, most provocative ArtWalk theme yet, Art is a Drag! Beautiful and glamorous drag queens from throughout the state will be ruling the district that night as all of Sanford’s art venues, including Hollerbach’s Art Haus, celebrate the art of drag. We thought it was only appropriate that on a night so full of color and fun that we invite twin sisters Julie Kessler and Judie Lee to share their art as our featured artists.

The sisters, sometimes known as the Tin Twins, are well known for their abilities to transform found elements into whimsical, thought provoking pieces full of joie de vivre. Judie and Julie have been with the Art Haus since we first opened, and you may know them for their famous upcycled car hoods and metal heart sculptures. On the night of Art is a Drag, they are pulling out all the stops, introducing work never before seen in our venue, from winged bird totems, to stenciled paintings and wood pallet art.

Bottom line: dress up, drink wine, and hang out with the coolest gals in town on March 19th 🙂

Learn more about Julie and Judie on

Welcome to Hollerbach’s Art Haus!

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Hollerbach's Art HausWe introduce to you our new name and brand, Hollerbach’s Art Haus! We’re changing things up to reflect our ever-evolving concept, centering on artistic experiences guided by Linda and Christina Hollerbach. However, we also love the name String Theory Creations, and don’t plan to let it go any time soon.

Christina and Linda originally developed the name String Theory Creations as a reference to the stringing that Linda does in-house at our shop. However, the name also pays homage to the story of Christina’s first business: selling string.

When she was in fourth grade, Christina’s friends loved the bracelets she made at home with her mother Linda and all wanted their own. A entrepreneur from a young age, Christina decided that rather than making the bracelets herself, she could instead teach her friends to make their own by selling them pre-cut embroidery floss with instructions for $0.25. When Linda noticed she had a pocket full of quarters and asked where she was getting the money, Christina shrugged and said, “I’m selling string, mommy!”

Linda has chosen to adopt “String Theory Creations” as a title for her line of original jewelry, while our shop will be called Hollerbach’s Art Haus. We feel that this name change will strengthen the connection to the other two Hollerbach businesses in Downtown Sanford, as well as give passerby an idea of the creative experience that awaits them inside.

Modern Metal Necklaces: Linda’s Newest Creations

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Modern Metal Necklaces by Linda HollerbachLinda loves to play with trends and patterns when making her original jewelry, and for the start of 2016, she’s experimenting with these sleek modern metal necklaces.

She creates these necklaces by connecting hammered metal squares with jump rings, which require a very precise technique to properly close and secure. In class, Linda always reminds students that you have to “wiggle” the jump rings in such a way to make the molecules tighten up.

Since necklaces these days are all about length, Linda made these beauties extra long and dramatic as statement pieces, perfect for work or a night out. I personally love the one with chain fringe!

Are you trying something new in the new year? What is your great experiment for 2016?

New Classes for the New Year

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We love holding our Jewelry Making Parties every week and meeting amazing new guests. We’ve been having so much fun teaching and socializing that we’ve decided to add new types of classes to our schedule, including sewing and wire-wrapping! Check out the dates below to see when you can join us.

Sewing Classes at STC

Sewing Classes

Do you have a sewing machine you’ve never used? Did you learn to sew years ago but can’t quite remember how it works?

Join Sumalee for this casual class to learn the basics of sewing in a fun, low pressure environment. We’ll each be making a simple pillowcase (and decorating them with a little flair!), which you can then give to a friend, put in a guest room, or slip right onto your own pillow that night.

Our first Sewing 101 class is on Tuesday, January 19th at 6pm. Just like our Jewelry Making Parties, all materials and refreshments are included (yay wine!) for just $35. If you have a machine, bring it! If not, use ours!

Register Here!

Wire-Wrapping ClassesTree of Life Class

If you want to take your jewelry repertoire to the next level, join us for this special class.

Linda will be teaching this delicate technique on January 23rd with a Tree of Life pendant and your choice of seed beads or small stones. She swears it’s easier than it looks!

These pendants make gorgeous necklaces and also look stunning in a window with light shining through them. Make one for yourself or one for a friend!

Register Here!

What will you create in 2016?

Meet Coeur de Lion, Our Newest Line

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Coeur de Lion in GermanyOn Linda’s last trip to Germany, she kept seeing a beautiful line of jewelry in almost every shop window, called Coeur de Lion. She loved designer Carola Eckrodt’s sleek, contemporary design aesthetic and knew she had to have it here at String Theory Creations! After gaining approval as an American retailer, we are pleased to announce that we now carry these gorgeous designs in our store. I am simply in love with the gorgeous colors and the sparkle of the Swarovski crystals. The aesthetic is great for any woman seeking a subtle but striking accessory.

Come in today to try them on and see how brilliant they are in person!

Join us for our Halloween Party!

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Sumalee Halloween PartyI have always loved, LOVED Halloween. Growing up, my mom made me killer homemade costumes, usually inspired by a lavishly dressed historic movie character. (See photos for a glimpse of Rose from Titanic and a deconstructed version of Scarlett O’Hara.) I used to wear these on a daily basis, and Halloween gradually transformed into the one day of year I was NOT the only person in costume! These days, Halloween is an opportunity to get creative with kitschy color combos, weird themes, and creepy motifs.

If you love Halloween the way we do, you’ll adore our Halloween Party, coming up on October 24th! Linda has a great collection of fun beads, including skulls and pumpkins, and Chef Patrick is planning a funky themed menu. I can’t wait to munch on witch fingers and eyeballs while we make our creepy creations! To some it might sound like a bit much, but it me it sounds like the perfect way to get ready for Halloween. So if you can dig it, don your costume and join our Halloween Party on Oct. 24th! I promise you will not be the only one 🙂

RSVP for the party by registering here: Halloween at STC



Sumalee Halloween Party

Make Your Own Dragon Eggs!

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DIY Dragon Egg

After a few months of fangirling out by myself, I finally convinced Linda to get into Game of Thrones! She’s been reading the books and just like me, is rooting for Daenerys Targaryen to rule Westeros in the end. Naturally, we had to have our own dragons eggs! Introducing String Theory’s very first DIY party.

Daenerys Mother of Dragons Wish you were a Mother of Dragons? Let Linda show you how to create your own custom Dragon Eggs, inspired by the look of Daenerys’ “children” before they hatch. We’ll provide all the materials and instruction, along with refreshments and beverages.

The idea of our new DIY party series is to make it easy to achieve your Pinterest project dreams. We’re all familiar with Pinterest fails, and I think we can all agree they’re best avoided altogether. So instead of going out, buying the materials yourself, then taking a chance on the project turning into a total bust, come hang out with the girls at STC! We’ve already test-driven the instructions, we provide all of the materials, and we serve you wine the whole time. (Seriously, does anyone serve you wine at home? Didn’t think so!)

So if you’d like to get crafty with us, RSVP for one of our upcoming parties below.
DIY Dragon Egg Workshop

Upcoming Workshops

Tuesday 9/15: Click Here to Buy Tickets

How it Works

Each guest will receive all the necessary materials, instruction, use of tools, as well as refreshments for $35 per person. The custom dragon egg you create is yours to take home following the party. Please call to reserve your spot or purchase your ticket through Eventbrite. This class, like all of our Themed Classes, can be scheduled on request with a minimum of 4 guests. Please call STC to inquire about available times or with any other questions (407-732-7801). You can also email us at

Game of Thrones: All Men Must Bead

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Game of Thrones Jewelry Party

Game of Thrones fan, eh?
Still reeling from the recent death of -insert likable character here-? Do you enjoy debating about which couple in Westeros is actually the most inappropriate? Are you harboring a fan theory you’re dying to unleash?

Game of Thrones Jewelry PartyYou’re gonna love our newest themed party. Join House Hollerbach for a Game of Thrones inspired jewelry making class, complete with enough wine to make Lord Tyrion proud. Consider it therapy: a solution for all of your conflicted feelings and angst about your favorite fictional characters (and a great way to pass the time until season 6!).I am a huge Game of Thrones fan, so I was thrilled when Linda and Christina gave me the go ahead to host a GoT party, especially because I know so many people share this obsession!

Pick an idea, from your favorite house, to your favorite character, to an event (Red Wedding, anyone?), and then design your memory wire bracelet using our myriad of beads and charms. (And yes, we did special order relevant charms!) Meanwhile, we’ll sip on Dornish wine and enjoy some of Sansa’s favorite lemon cake.

Our sneak peek of this event will be Wednesday, July 22nd from 5-8pm. We will be brainstorming designs and patterns for future Game of Thrones themed parties, and we would love to get some input from fans. Buy your tickets today to secure a spot and be the first to create with the Game of Thrones beads and charms!

(If you can’t make the sneak peek, stay tuned for when we announce our official Game of Thrones inspired party!)

Game of Thrones Jewelry Party

5 Things You Should Know About Mermaid Parties

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Mermaid Parties Things to Do in Sanford

Don’t know about you, but I am beyond excited about our very first themed class here at STC! We have had nothing but mermaids on the brain for the past month, and I’m thrilled that we get to share our obsession with others this Saturday. To get you properly prepped, here are 5 things you should know about Mermaid Parties at STC:

Things might get a little glam.MermaidParties Mermaid Makeup

We’ve been practicing our mermaid makeup skills, and will be treating anyone who asks with a makeover, so don’t be afraid to arrive au naturel! If things go according to plan, we will end up in the longest braid train since the 3rd grade.

Our food comes from a celebrity chef.

Chef Patrick of Hollerbach’s Willow Tree cafe will be treating us to hors d’oeurves inspired by the sea, fit for any mermaid. (Did you know that he was recently named the #1 Chef in Seminole County? Yum!)
Patrick Story Best Chef Mermaid Parties

You can wear chiffon without being judged.

Dust off those fins and don them with pride! We all discussed our mermaid outfits yesterday, and I’ll tell you one thing…there’s no way you’ll arrive over-dressed.

Our mermaids don’t drink water.

These ladies of the sea prefer Mermaid Punch: a fizzy confection we know you’ll love! We are big believers in the power of unlocking creativity through positive encouragement…but a little wine never hurt either.

No two mermaids are alike.

One of our favorite things about hosting jewelry-making parties is that even though everyone has access to the same materials, each final piece is incredibly unique, perfectly reflecting its maker. We can’t wait to see what you will create with our special beach and ocean inspired beads!

If you’re ready to start living that mermaid life, join us on Saturday!
You can register for all the fun right here: June 27th.
Mermaid Parties Jewelry Things to do in Sanford

Hollerbach Mermaids: A Family Tail

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I never wanted to be a princess. Popular princess stories include being controlled by parents and the need to be rescued, followed by being married off to the Prince. Now her life and happiness is in the hands of the Prince. I realize these stories include love and respect for parents, romance, and “true love” for the prince. They also include beautiful clothes, glittering jewels, and awesome parties, but I wanted more independence.
The lore and myth of mermaids, from Greek Mythology to Daryl Hanna in “Splash” and Ariel in Disney’s version of the “Little Mermaid”, calls to my heart more than all the other princess stories combined. I have always loved the ocean and being born under the zodiac sign of Pisces may have influence over my desire to retreat to the sea.
“The Little Mermaid’ was the first movie that my daughter and I saw together, and Ariel was Christina’s first heroine princess. At an early age she identified with the determination, curiosity and the desire to question authority she perceived in Ariel’s personality.
At age 5, Christina had very strict design requirements for her Mermaid costume.
1. Her belly button must show
2. She had to have long red hair and
3. The costume had to have big “sea shells”. She made me remake them twice.
As you can see by the pictures, she enjoyed being Ariel far more than Cinderella the year before.

Hollerbach Mermaids

It was a natural choice for us to choose Mermaids as our first Theme Party at String Theory Creations. If you feel the pull of the sea, come play with us and create unique jewelry that any sea or land-bound princess would be proud to wear. Come wearing your favorite mermaid outfit (if you dare) and learn the secrets of Mermaid Makeup and Fishtail hair braiding. (If you have never seen either, google it and you’ll be amazed.)
The party cost is $45 which includes Mermaid Champagne Punch, Fruitti di’ Mare chocolates, and sea bites from Chef Patrick of the Willow Tree. Invite your favorite Prince or Merman to meet youfor the after party at the Imperial next door. This is an adult theme party, however we are also offering the Mermaid Theme beads in our regular Saturday 2pm afternoon class for our younger fans. Two chances available to book a seat: Saturday June 27th and July 25, 5 to 8:00.
PS: Celtic Selkies are welcome too!

-Linda Hollerbach

Mermaid Jewelry Classes at STC