DIY Workshop: Summertime Skirt

Create a skirt of your own design in this hands-on sewing workshop!

Our DIY parties are designed to give you the confidence to attack any cute Pinterest project that comes your way. This one-day workshop focuses on basic garment construction skills and will feature a beginning level project. (There are no formal pre-requisites for this class, but confidence on a sewing machine is recommended. Students may find it helpful to take our once monthly Sewing 101 class prior to joining this workshop.)

  • basic pattern drafting from your own measurements
  • cutting out a pattern
  • assembling a garment via instinct
  • gathering, finishing seams, hemming
  • inserting a zipper

Material Notes

We will be making a custom pattern for the skirt, so there is no need to purchase a pattern, but you will need to purchase the other necessary materials, which include:

  • Approximately 2 yards of fabric*
  • Enough fusible interfacing for a waistband
  • 1 spool of matching thread
  • 1 matching 7” zipper (regular, not invisible)

*This amount is based on your waist measurement. If you want a more precise measurement, multiply your waist measure by 1.5, and divide that number by 36″ to get the yardage. If you have a waistline over 48 inches, then you will need more fabric. Just remember, it’s always better to have too much than too little! (Any extra fabric left can be used for a cute headband to match your skirt or other accessory!)

Notes on choosing fabric

I recommend a woven skirt/dress weight print for this project. Fiber and weave are up to you, but I would recommend something in cotton or linen, particularly for those new to garment making. The slinkier the fabric, the more difficult it will be to sew for a beginner. I do not recommend knits, checks or  plaids if this is your first garment. Try taking a similar favorite garment to the store with you and comparing it to the fabrics to find a comfortable weight and fiber. (Also a good idea to take a blouse you would like to wear your finished skirt with to the store as well!)

Here are a few ideas:

Fashion trends | White tee, floral printed midi skirt, sandals, mint clutch, necklace: Daisy high waist A-line floral pleated midi skirt in Blue.: #skirts #fashion Website For skirts! Super Cheap! Only $32! Cheap skirts for sale, skirts Outlet, not long time for cheapest, Get it now!:

Sweet Yourself Skirt in Blueberry. Slip into this polka-dotted skirt and gift yourself a darling ensemble! #blue #modcloth: Street Style, March 2015: Janine is wearing a pleated mid skirt with a black long sleeved crop top from Topshop and black New Look heels: Marine Blue Striped Midi Skirt - New Arrivals - Retro, Indie and Unique Fashion:

Prepping Fabric

I HIGHLY recommend that you prewash and shrink your fabric prior to the workshop. It’s tempting to use it as-is, but trust me, you don’t want to make a beautiful skirt, only to have it shrink and warp in the wash.

If you have any questions about this at any point, please let me know via email or call the shop at 407-732-7801!