Meet Linda and Christina Hollerbach

Linda and Christina Hollerbach

Linda and Christina opened the Art Haus as a creative outlet for themselves and the community. The Hollerbach family (Linda, Christina, and Theo) opened their German restaurant, Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Cafe, in Downtown Sanford 2001, and their German deli and grocery store, Magnolia Square Market, right around the block in 2011. After many wonderful years sharing German culture with guests, mother and daughter branched out by opening Hollerbach’s Art Haus (then known as String Theory Creations), an art gallery and creative studio featuring a wide variety of handmade and local art.

Linda Hollerbach is an accomplished jewelry maker, and the Art Haus features her original line of jewelry. Linda shares her craft with others in our jewelry making parties and classes two times a week, just as she taught Christina as she was growing up. She is also a board member for local non-profit Creative Sanford, an organization that collects the stories of Sanford residents and weaves them into theatrical productions, and of course, acts in a supportive advisory role for the restaurant and market. She and Theo live nearby, but love to take adventures to far away places, especially if there is an opportunity to bicycle.

Christina Hollerbach splits her time between the demands of the restaurant and the Art Haus as the company’s Director of Support. Having literally grown up alongside the Willow Tree Cafe, working every position in the company from dishwasher to HR, Christina dedicates her time to expanding all three Hollerbach businesses through new marketing and special events. Christina enjoys volunteering for various local organizations, including the Woman’s Club of Sanford and the Love Your Shorts Film Festival, especially if it means putting on a fun event to draw people to Sanford. She lives with her husband Matthew and their many cats.