Introducing Linda Hollerbach’s line of Mood Elevating Bracelets, LindaME. These handcrafted pieces of jewelry harness the uplifting power of essential oils to influence your mood.

Cultures around the world have been using the beneficial properties of plants for thousands of years. Essential oils are distilled from various plants, roots, and flowers and combined to influence mood and health. At String Theory, we love to use oils for the delicious aromas and positive feelings, and to pass this on to our guests, Linda has created gorgeous bracelets that diffuse essential oils for personal wear.

Linda combines beautiful czech-glass beads and natural leather in her LindaME line for a unique, stylish look. The leather band sits flat on the wrist, creating the perfect surface for diffusing the oils against the warmth of your skin. The design has the added benefit of  staying flat while typing, making LindaME bracelets practical, pretty, and beneficial.