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After a devastating illness left me partially blind with an ominous future to behold, my world suddenly changed in a way I wasn’t prepared to handle. Being disabled left me feeling broken, lost, defective and deeply saddened. While vacationing, friends took me “exploring” second hand stores for fun and it hit me! I would have to repurpose my life and also embrace my “second time around”. I realized that imperfection in of itself is actually perfection! A dream was realized! I would find items that no one wanted, that had suffered an untimely mishap, presented with a visible flaw or had been perhaps thoughtlessly discarded and turn them into something exciting and new. This is a new beginning if you will and perhaps the resolution I was looking for in my own life.

I decided to get involved in jewelry making as a way to replace my time with things I could no longer do with my progressive vision loss.

Today I am creating beautiful and exciting pieces that have been repurposed and given a renewed life. Striving to become whole has proven a far more joyous path than working toward perfection when in reality, my imperfect world is what now makes my life a perfect continuum. It’s an exciting time for me and I hope you will enjoy my pieces as much as I have in creating them.

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