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We’re big fans of HBO’s Game of Thrones, and after an awesome ending to Season 6, I can’t help but make some jewelry inspired by a few favorite characters! Spoilers ahead!


Jon Snow Bracelet

Jon Snow Bracelet, Part of our Game of Thrones JewelryFirst up, inspired by the admirable, good-hearted (and totally gorgeous!) Jon Snow, I made a bracelet inspired by the harsh world of Castle Black and the Wall (although we’re very happy he’s back home at Winterfell). This bracelet is actually composed of all random beads selected from our “rando” bowls, which are basically the leftovers of beads when they get to a low quantity. The two outside layers are the colors and textures of Castle Black, bronzey metal hues, dark stained wood, and dirty snow, along with a little glamour added in the form of sparkly black crystals. For the center layer, I wanted to nod at a popular fan theory about Jon’s true parentage, which was all but confirmed in Season 6. I won’t go on about this too much, but let’s just say the color palette might be related to our next bracelet…

Targaryen Necklace

Targaryen Necklace, Part of our Game of Thrones Jewelry

I love the imagery of the “silver hair and violet eyes” of House Targaryen, so I naturally incorporated those colors into this flexible wire necklace. I chose a series of pewter spacers for the “silver” element, selecting “bumpy” profiles to give a dragon-like impression, and of course silver colored dragons and a Targaryen crest (yes, we have Targaryen crests!), along with purple crystals.



Kahleesi in the Flames Bracelet

Kahleesi, Part of our Game of Thrones JewelryI think we can all agree that it was pretty cool to see Daenerys walk out of that flaming Dothraki hut like a total boss. To commemorate that scene, I made another rando bracelet with all the colors and textures of the Dothraki landscape, along with a little bronze horse charm. Woot, Dany!






Margaery Tyrell Bracelet

Margaery Tyrell Bracelet, Part of our Game of Thrones JewelryWe said goodbye to the beautiful, charming Margaery Tyrell, who schemed her way to the end. I love the blue and green tones that the Tyrell family always wears on the show, so I knew I had to incorporate those colors with the Rose crest. Luckily, I had these pretty little bronze flower spacers, and a gorgeous collection of teal, lime, and olive beads to add as a focus. I could choose among them, so I used them all! (And Margaery always gets what she wants, right?)

What character would inspire your jewelry? What was your favorite moment in Game of Thrones this season?

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