Create Your Own Cat Cozy

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Cat Coffee Cozy DIY Party

Everyone knows that we love two things at Hollerbach’s Art Haus: cats and purple. So it’s no surprise that when I saw an idea for a felt animal cozy, I had to make a purple cat one for here in the shop! Using a little improvisation, I came up with this cute purple cat cozy, which I totally adore.Click Here to Register for Sewing Classes

I had so much fun making it that we’ll be offering a Cat Cozy DIY Party this coming Tuesday night (4/26)! These fun little crafts are perfect to give as end-of-year gifts for hardworking teachers or to designate your favorite hot beverage at work.

We’ll be making our cozies from felt and embroidery floss, using a blanket stitch to bring it all together. This project is highly customizable, and everyone will be given a range of color choices for their cozy. We hope you’ll join us for a little crafting on Tuesday!

(And thank you to Lia Griffith for the inspiration with her adorable fox cozy! You can see her original project and a bunch of wonderful felt crafts here.) Cat Cozy DIY Party

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