Meet Your Drawing Class Instructor

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Nick rabbitfoot art

Nick Our Drawing Class InstructorWe are so excited to begin our full gamut of new art classes in April here at the Art Haus! Our new schedule includes some oft-requested drawing classes, Drawing 101 and Drink and Draw. And here to guide us through each drawing class is artist and instructor Nick Criscitelli!

Nick has a BFA from UCF and is celebrated in the Downtown Sanford community for his chalkboard and window artwork at different businesses in town. He has even created signage for the Buster’s Bistro golfcart, which can be seen speeding through the streets at all times of day! He and his fiance Priscilla live in the historic district, where they fill their home with original artwork. His down-to-earth attitude and enthusiasm for teaching make him the perfect instructor for our drawing classes. Check out some of Nick’s art below, or visit Rabbitfoot Records to see his current exhibit!

Join Nick for Drawing 101 on April 5th or learn how to draw faces and portraits at our April 19th Drink and Draw party.

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