Welcome to Hollerbach’s Art Haus!

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Hollerbach's Art HausWe introduce to you our new name and brand, Hollerbach’s Art Haus! We’re changing things up to reflect our ever-evolving concept, centering on artistic experiences guided by Linda and Christina Hollerbach. However, we also love the name String Theory Creations, and don’t plan to let it go any time soon.

Christina and Linda originally developed the name String Theory Creations as a reference to the stringing that Linda does in-house at our shop. However, the name also pays homage to the story of Christina’s first business: selling string.

When she was in fourth grade, Christina’s friends loved the bracelets she made at home with her mother Linda and all wanted their own. A entrepreneur from a young age, Christina decided that rather than making the bracelets herself, she could instead teach her friends to make their own by selling them pre-cut embroidery floss with instructions for $0.25. When Linda noticed she had a pocket full of quarters and asked where she was getting the money, Christina shrugged and said, “I’m selling string, mommy!”

Linda has chosen to adopt “String Theory Creations” as a title for her line of original jewelry, while our shop will be called Hollerbach’s Art Haus. We feel that this name change will strengthen the connection to the other two Hollerbach businesses in Downtown Sanford, as well as give passerby an idea of the creative experience that awaits them inside.

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