Make Your Own Dragon Eggs!

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DIY Dragon Egg

After a few months of fangirling out by myself, I finally convinced Linda to get into Game of Thrones! She’s been reading the books and just like me, is rooting for Daenerys Targaryen to rule Westeros in the end. Naturally, we had to have our own dragons eggs! Introducing String Theory’s very first DIY party.

Daenerys Mother of Dragons Wish you were a Mother of Dragons? Let Linda show you how to create your own custom Dragon Eggs, inspired by the look of Daenerys’ “children” before they hatch. We’ll provide all the materials and instruction, along with refreshments and beverages.

The idea of our new DIY party series is to make it easy to achieve your Pinterest project dreams. We’re all familiar with Pinterest fails, and I think we can all agree they’re best avoided altogether. So instead of going out, buying the materials yourself, then taking a chance on the project turning into a total bust, come hang out with the girls at STC! We’ve already test-driven the instructions, we provide all of the materials, and we serve you wine the whole time. (Seriously, does anyone serve you wine at home? Didn’t think so!)

So if you’d like to get crafty with us, RSVP for one of our upcoming parties below.
DIY Dragon Egg Workshop

Upcoming Workshops

Tuesday 9/15: Click Here to Buy Tickets

How it Works

Each guest will receive all the necessary materials, instruction, use of tools, as well as refreshments for $35 per person. The custom dragon egg you create is yours to take home following the party. Please call to reserve your spot or purchase your ticket through Eventbrite. This class, like all of our Themed Classes, can be scheduled on request with a minimum of 4 guests. Please call STC to inquire about available times or with any other questions (407-732-7801). You can also email us at