Game of Thrones: All Men Must Bead

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Game of Thrones Jewelry Party

Game of Thrones fan, eh?
Still reeling from the recent death of -insert likable character here-? Do you enjoy debating about which couple in Westeros is actually the most inappropriate? Are you harboring a fan theory you’re dying to unleash?

Game of Thrones Jewelry PartyYou’re gonna love our newest themed party. Join House Hollerbach for a Game of Thrones inspired jewelry making class, complete with enough wine to make Lord Tyrion proud. Consider it therapy: a solution for all of your conflicted feelings and angst about your favorite fictional characters (and a great way to pass the time until season 6!).I am a huge Game of Thrones fan, so I was thrilled when Linda and Christina gave me the go ahead to host a GoT party, especially because I know so many people share this obsession!

Pick an idea, from your favorite house, to your favorite character, to an event (Red Wedding, anyone?), and then design your memory wire bracelet using our myriad of beads and charms. (And yes, we did special order relevant charms!) Meanwhile, we’ll sip on Dornish wine and enjoy some of Sansa’s favorite lemon cake.

Our sneak peek of this event will be Wednesday, July 22nd from 5-8pm. We will be brainstorming designs and patterns for future Game of Thrones themed parties, and we would love to get some input from fans. Buy your tickets today to secure a spot and be the first to create with the Game of Thrones beads and charms!

(If you can’t make the sneak peek, stay tuned for when we announce our official Game of Thrones inspired party!)

Game of Thrones Jewelry Party

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