5 Things You Should Know About Mermaid Parties

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Mermaid Parties Things to Do in Sanford

Don’t know about you, but I am beyond excited about our very first themed class here at STC! We have had nothing but mermaids on the brain for the past month, and I’m thrilled that we get to share our obsession with others this Saturday. To get you properly prepped, here are 5 things you should know about Mermaid Parties at STC:

Things might get a little glam.MermaidParties Mermaid Makeup

We’ve been practicing our mermaid makeup skills, and will be treating anyone who asks with a makeover, so don’t be afraid to arrive au naturel! If things go according to plan, we will end up in the longest braid train since the 3rd grade.

Our food comes from a celebrity chef.

Chef Patrick of Hollerbach’s Willow Tree cafe will be treating us to hors d’oeurves inspired by the sea, fit for any mermaid. (Did you know that he was recently named the #1 Chef in Seminole County? Yum!)
Patrick Story Best Chef Mermaid Parties

You can wear chiffon without being judged.

Dust off those fins and don them with pride! We all discussed our mermaid outfits yesterday, and I’ll tell you one thing…there’s no way you’ll arrive over-dressed.

Our mermaids don’t drink water.

These ladies of the sea prefer Mermaid Punch: a fizzy confection we know you’ll love! We are big believers in the power of unlocking creativity through positive encouragement…but a little wine never hurt either.

No two mermaids are alike.

One of our favorite things about hosting jewelry-making parties is that even though everyone has access to the same materials, each final piece is incredibly unique, perfectly reflecting its maker. We can’t wait to see what you will create with our special beach and ocean inspired beads!

If you’re ready to start living that mermaid life, join us on Saturday!
You can register for all the fun right here: June 27th.
Mermaid Parties Jewelry Things to do in Sanford