Hollerbach Mermaids: A Family Tail

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I never wanted to be a princess. Popular princess stories include being controlled by parents and the need to be rescued, followed by being married off to the Prince. Now her life and happiness is in the hands of the Prince. I realize these stories include love and respect for parents, romance, and “true love” for the prince. They also include beautiful clothes, glittering jewels, and awesome parties, but I wanted more independence.
The lore and myth of mermaids, from Greek Mythology to Daryl Hanna in “Splash” and Ariel in Disney’s version of the “Little Mermaid”, calls to my heart more than all the other princess stories combined. I have always loved the ocean and being born under the zodiac sign of Pisces may have influence over my desire to retreat to the sea.
“The Little Mermaid’ was the first movie that my daughter and I saw together, and Ariel was Christina’s first heroine princess. At an early age she identified with the determination, curiosity and the desire to question authority she perceived in Ariel’s personality.
At age 5, Christina had very strict design requirements for her Mermaid costume.
1. Her belly button must show
2. She had to have long red hair and
3. The costume had to have big “sea shells”. She made me remake them twice.
As you can see by the pictures, she enjoyed being Ariel far more than Cinderella the year before.

Hollerbach Mermaids

It was a natural choice for us to choose Mermaids as our first Theme Party at String Theory Creations. If you feel the pull of the sea, come play with us and create unique jewelry that any sea or land-bound princess would be proud to wear. Come wearing your favorite mermaid outfit (if you dare) and learn the secrets of Mermaid Makeup and Fishtail hair braiding. (If you have never seen either, google it and you’ll be amazed.)
The party cost is $45 which includes Mermaid Champagne Punch, Fruitti di’ Mare chocolates, and sea bites from Chef Patrick of the Willow Tree. Invite your favorite Prince or Merman to meet youfor the after party at the Imperial next door. This is an adult theme party, however we are also offering the Mermaid Theme beads in our regular Saturday 2pm afternoon class for our younger fans. Two chances available to book a seat: Saturday June 27th and July 25, 5 to 8:00.
PS: Celtic Selkies are welcome too!

-Linda Hollerbach

Mermaid Jewelry Classes at STC