Get a free shot when you wear your Trachten!

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Guests of Hollerbach's Willow Tree Cafe enjoy Christina Hollerbach's wedding while wearing traditional German clothing, or Trachten

Guests of Hollerbach's Willow Tree Cafe wearing dirndls purchased at the Art Haus
Guests of Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Cafe wearing dirndls purchased at the Art Haus

Our guests are looking great in their dirndls and lederhosen from Hollerbach’s Art Haus! We love to see everyone at the Willow Tree Cafe dressed up in their finest trachten while they eat, drink, and dance.

So, as a reward for helping us spread extra gemutlichkeit, drink a free shot on us the next time you wear trachten to the Willow Tree Cafe!

That’s right, any time you don your dirndl or lederhosen, you are entitled to a complimentary shot*.

We believe that there’s trachten for every occasion, whether it’s Oktoberfest, a wedding, or a fun night out at Hollerbach’s. In Germany, people are even wearing trachten to the office! With the wide variety of styles, ranging from very formal to super casual, along with the endless opportunities for customization, Germans are using trachten as personal expression.

So if you have a dirndl that you never get to wear enough or are looking for an excuse to finally invest in lederhosen, here is your chance! If you are in the market for new trachten, we will be happy to personally fit you at Hollerbach’s Art Haus, where we have a variety of imported German dirndls, lederhosen, bavarian check shirts, lady-hosen, accessories, and of course, custom items!

We hope to see you all dressed up soon! Bis später!

*This deal cannot be combined with other offers. It is valid from 12/19/2016 thru 08/01/2017. Apfel Strudel may be substituted. Management has discretion to define trachten, non-traditional costumes discouraged. 

3 Ways to Have a Frohe Weihnachten at the Art Haus

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December is upon us, and with it, all of the wonderful feelings of being together with family and expressing our appreciation and gratitude for the loving people in our lives. As a company that believes in creating Gemutlichkeit all year round, we love to entertain guests during the holidays and help them find ways to make their season extra special. Here are 3 ways you can have a Frohe Weihnachten at Hollerbach’s Art Haus this year.

Dress up in Trachten

We love getting gussied up for an occasion, and we bet that you do too! Dirndls and lederhosen are so fun to wear and make any event instantly festive, whether it’s a neighborhood holiday party, St. Nicholas Day, or just dinner at the Willow Tree while family is in town. For many, getting a dirndl or set of lederhosen of one’s own is a long-time dream (it was for me!), and being personally fitted at the Art Haus makes a special gift to be remembered. You can arrange an appointment by emailing us through the contact form below or calling 407-732-7801.
We can fit you into a beautiful imported dirndl for $225, and lederhosen begin at $190. Custom work will be available beginning in 2017.

Get Creative together

Jewelry Making Parties

Beads at Hollerbach's Art HausOur classes make excellent gifts! Get the girls together for an afternoon of jewelry making, or give a gift card to a friend who wants to take her skills to the next level with private jewelry lessons. You can also come make jewelry pieces for all of the special women in your life to give as gifts themselves…one of our guests last year made ten unique bracelets for all of her daughters and daughters in law, each imbued with special symbolism, such as specific charms for their hobbies or colors to represent their children.
Classes begin at $35, including all materials, and returning guests and groups of 4 or more receive special discounts. All classes can be put on gift cards for a convenient way of giving!

Purchase one of a kind gifts

Targaryen Necklace, Part of our Game of Thrones Jewelry
Modern Metal Necklaces by Linda Hollerbach
At the heart of the Art Haus are Linda Hollerbach’s artistic creations. Linda is constantly inspired by new materials, creating singular pieces of jewelry exclusively for the Art Haus. For any wearer of unusual and striking jewelry or lover of the Hollerbach family, an original piece by Linda makes an elegant and memorable gift. Most of Linda’s pieces have interesting stories behind them, and when you choose a piece as a gift, you become part of its story.
Linda creates everything from stocking stuffers for teachers to elegant statement gifts for mom or grandma. Come shop her existing pieces or commission a custom piece for anywhere from $25 to $200. 

We look forward to spending time with you this season! Please let us know if we can enhance your holidays in any way.

We moved!

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Hollerbach's Art Haus New Location

Hollerbach's Art Haus New LocationThe Art Haus has a new home! We have officially moved our location from First Street to a new spot across the street in Magnolia Square (the brick paved courtyard featuring the Sanford clock and the fountain). We are loving our new space, which is nestled right between our longtime friends, the Sanford Homebrew Shop, and one of our favorite new neighbors, the Smiling Bison. We’re still getting things settled, but we’ve been working on laying out the shop to feature all of our beautiful imported German clothing and Linda’s original jewelry, along with plenty of space for creating art and crafting, so come see what we’ve come up with!

Here are some fun things to look forward to in our new space…

Weekly Open House
Next time you come to eat at the Willow Tree Cafe on a Friday or Saturday night, swing by the Art Haus and say “Hallo!” to Christina and Sumalee, who will be all set up with puzzles, games, and a special Kid Zone from 5pm-8pm. You can also view our documentary “Gemutlichkeit: Made in America” or try on some of our dirndls or lederhosen. We promise it will be the most fun you’ve ever had waiting for a table!

Gifts for Everyone
As we go into the holiday season, we will also have Art Haus gift cards available, which can be used to redeem classes, handmade jewelry, and of course, German trachten wear. If you know someone who has always wanted his own lederhosen, bring him in for a special fitting, or if you know someone who

New and Updated Classes
Keep an eye out for our new lineup of classes for 2017, coming soon. We’re still holding our classic Jewelry Making Parties every Thursday at 6pm and Saturday at 2pm, and our new space is great for getting those creative juices flowing! Call or email us for a reservation.

We will see you soon!

Sumalee, Christina, and Linda at Hollerbach's Art Haus

Now Selling Traditional German Clothing!

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We’re so excited to share with you some huge news about our shop! As many know, the owners of our shop, the Hollerbach family, are well known in the region for their German restaurant, Willow Tree Cafe, and their German deli/grocery store, the Magnolia Square Market. We have a wonderful following of guests who love all things German and we are always searching for ways to create more cohesion with our three businesses and enhance the Holler-blocking experience.

Linda, Christina, and Theo Hollerbach at the Sanford Royal Wedding
Linda, Christina, and Theo Hollerbach at the Sanford Royal Wedding


2016 was a big year for us. First, Christina Hollerbach got married in March, with a huge German bash at our restaurant, for which her mother Linda created a custom golden bridal dirndl and Sumalee stitched up three purple bridesmaids dirndls. In August, the Willow Tree celebrated its 15th anniversary with a giant fest in Magnolia Square, where our favorite locals and patrons gathered in their best German attire to eat brats and drink Das Boot with us. While gearing up for these events, our guests all wanted to know one thing: where can we get our own dirndls and lederhosen?

Starting in October, the answer will be: right here, at Hollerbach’s Art Haus!

Traditional German Clothing

Hostess at Hollerbach's Willow Tree Cafe wearing a dirndl
Hostess at Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Cafe wearing a dirndl

We will soon be offering a select inventory of dirndls (traditional women’s folk costume), lederhosen (men’s leather breeches), blouses, accessories, and children’s apparel imported from Germany, and boy, are we excited! We love wearing our own dirndls and are looking forward to spreading the joy to our wonderful guests. We hope to become a resource where German culture enthusiasts throughout the state can be personally fitted for their very own German trachten, traditional German wear.

But don’t worry, Linda will continue to create her original jewelry and teach jewelry making parties in the shop. Can’t stop, won’t stop!

We will be closed for the month of September while we rearrange the store and get ready for our annual Oktoberfest celebration. We will re-open on Saturday, October 1st to the public with new retail hours, including evening hours. We hope to cater to guests who would like to visit all three Hollerbach businesses in the course of single night out in Downtown Sanford. (Holler-blocking!)

German Clothing for Oktoberfest

Guests of Hollerbach's Willow Tree Cafe wearing dirndls purchased at the Art Haus
Guests of Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Cafe wearing dirndls purchased at the Art Haus

This is a special year for the Hollerbach Oktoberfest in Downtown Sanford! For the first time, we will be extending our annual festival into a two day event, taking place on Thursday, October 13th and Friday October 14th. Here’s what you can expect from the Art Haus for Oktoberfest:

Thursday, October 13th: VIP Haus

We will be hosting a small number of guests at the Art Haus during the Alive After 5 Oktoberfest street party. Guests will enjoy inclusive beer, schnapps, and food, along with cool A/C and seating. Tickets are very limited and can be purchased by clicking this link.

Friday, October 14th: German Fashion for Sale

We will be showing off the different styles of dirndls, lederhosen, and accessories newly available at Hollerbach’s Art Haus on the street and in the shop.

We hope to see you in our shop soon!

Check out our Game of Thrones Jewelry!

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We’re big fans of HBO’s Game of Thrones, and after an awesome ending to Season 6, I can’t help but make some jewelry inspired by a few favorite characters! Spoilers ahead!


Jon Snow Bracelet

Jon Snow Bracelet, Part of our Game of Thrones JewelryFirst up, inspired by the admirable, good-hearted (and totally gorgeous!) Jon Snow, I made a bracelet inspired by the harsh world of Castle Black and the Wall (although we’re very happy he’s back home at Winterfell). This bracelet is actually composed of all random beads selected from our “rando” bowls, which are basically the leftovers of beads when they get to a low quantity. The two outside layers are the colors and textures of Castle Black, bronzey metal hues, dark stained wood, and dirty snow, along with a little glamour added in the form of sparkly black crystals. For the center layer, I wanted to nod at a popular fan theory about Jon’s true parentage, which was all but confirmed in Season 6. I won’t go on about this too much, but let’s just say the color palette might be related to our next bracelet…

Targaryen Necklace

Targaryen Necklace, Part of our Game of Thrones Jewelry

I love the imagery of the “silver hair and violet eyes” of House Targaryen, so I naturally incorporated those colors into this flexible wire necklace. I chose a series of pewter spacers for the “silver” element, selecting “bumpy” profiles to give a dragon-like impression, and of course silver colored dragons and a Targaryen crest (yes, we have Targaryen crests!), along with purple crystals.



Kahleesi in the Flames Bracelet

Kahleesi, Part of our Game of Thrones JewelryI think we can all agree that it was pretty cool to see Daenerys walk out of that flaming Dothraki hut like a total boss. To commemorate that scene, I made another rando bracelet with all the colors and textures of the Dothraki landscape, along with a little bronze horse charm. Woot, Dany!






Margaery Tyrell Bracelet

Margaery Tyrell Bracelet, Part of our Game of Thrones JewelryWe said goodbye to the beautiful, charming Margaery Tyrell, who schemed her way to the end. I love the blue and green tones that the Tyrell family always wears on the show, so I knew I had to incorporate those colors with the Rose crest. Luckily, I had these pretty little bronze flower spacers, and a gorgeous collection of teal, lime, and olive beads to add as a focus. I could choose among them, so I used them all! (And Margaery always gets what she wants, right?)

What character would inspire your jewelry? What was your favorite moment in Game of Thrones this season?

Make Your Own Skirt!

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DSC_5029Ready to make your own clothes? Dive in with our Summertime Skirt workshop! In this workshop, we’ll be learning the basics of garment construction while we create our own custom skirts.

DSC_5040You pick the length and the fullness of the skirt, along with the fabric to make a garment that truly fits your style and needs. I made my own version of this skirt to test out the idea, and I absolutely love it! (As you can see in the photo!) I chose a mid-weight floral print linen in all of my favorite colors so that it would be wash-and-wear, and drafted it with just enough fullness to make the skirt feel twirly and girly. I wanted it to be modern and fresh, but long enough to ride my bike to the Art Haus each day comfortably.
Click Here to Register for Sewing Classes

Who should take this workshop?

I think this is a great workshop for those with basic sewing machine skills (meaning you can run seams on a machine with confidence) who are ready to take their sewing skills to the next level. We’ll be putting in a zipper, hand turning a hem, adding interfacing to a waistband, and a variety of other techniques that you’ll use again and again as you learn to create more clothes.

How does the workshop work?

I’ll be demonstrating the construction of the skirt step by step while you follow along to create your own. We’re keeping the class size small so that each person will get the personal attention they need the entire time. You’ll purchase your own materials so that you can choose exactly what your skirt is made of, rather than having it assigned. That way, it can match your personal style and the rest of your wardrobe!

Materials (chosen and purchased by you!)
About 2 yards of woven fashion fabric
1/2 yard of fusible interfacing
Spool of matching thread
Matching zipper (non invisible)DSC_5027

That’s it! Once you register for the class via Eventbrite, I will send out a detailed message with suggestions and tips for choosing the perfect fabric for your skirt. You’ll want to bring your own sewing machine so you can practice these techniques with the tools you’ll have at home, but if you don’t have a machine, you can reserve one of ours. The first three guests to register and to let us know they’d like to reserve a machine will have use of the machines in class.

How can I register for the workshop?

Click on this link to register by June 26th. Once you have completed registration, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to detailed materials notes.

Click Here to Register for Sewing Classes

Let us know if you have any questions, and I hope I’ll see you in the workshop on 6/25!

Call to Artists: Hollerbach Anniversary Exhibit

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Jimmy and EckhardLove gemutlichkeit? So do we! The Hollerbach family is holding an art exhibit that celebrates German heritage and culture in America. Submit your art to be be part of this landmark event rejoicing in All Things German as we celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Cafe this August.

Every day in our restaurant, we celebrate gemutlichkeit, or the feeling of comfort and well being one experiences when eating and drinking with family and friends (woo, that’s a long one!). Hundreds of patrons walk through our doors each day for a little taste of this warmth, happiness, and familiarity, and our 15th Anniversary event is expected to pack the house with guests who not only eat up our hospitality and cuisine, but go crazy for all things German. Showcase and sell your German fan art for an audience who loves German culture as much as you do!

Subject Matter
We’re seeking “All Things German”, with an emphasis on gemutlichkeit and hospitality. We would especially love to accept art that celebrates these things in conjunction with our restaurant and company. Suggested subjects include German bier, traditional dress, dances, music, food (sausage, schnitzel, spaetzle, potatoes), Oktoberfest, castles, landscapes, flags and regalia.Ika serving sausage at festival

All mediums accepted.
There is no fee to submit artwork for this exhibit.

Artists will receive 65% of any sales.
Accepted artists will also receive two complimentary tickets to the anniversary event.

Our exhibit will run from August 1st to October 15th
We reserve the right to extend the exhibit until the end of the year pending guest demand.
Art Drop Off: July 15th-July 22nd
Art Pick Up: Mid October

2 and 3 liter Das BootEntry Procedure
The artist can submit by sending photos of artwork to by July 10th. Your email should include your name, address, the title of the work, and a brief description of the work, including the medium, subject, and approximate dimensions. After reviewing the entry email and photos, Hollerbach’s Art Haus will respond to the artist by July 15th. If accepted, the artist must make an appointment to drop the work off to Hollerbach’s Art Haus between July 15th-22nd. Please contact us with questions if for some reason you cannot provide photos of the work.
1. All submissions MUST be labeled on the back of each piece with the following information: Artist’s Name, and Title. Art work will be juried into the show at the time of drop off.
2. It is recommended you supply a short artist bio or statement in your entry email.

Show Policies
1. All work must be original. All works submitted must be original works, and the Artist must have all necessary rights of use and reproduction. If any third party disputes the Artist’s claims of ownership, originality, or copyrights, Hollerbach’s will not mediate the dispute or become involved. The work at issue will be removed and returned to the Artist.
2. Art work must be ready for hanging or display.
3. It is recommended that the artist attend the Anniversary party and opening on Aug 1st using the complimentary tickets provided, as this is an opportunity to talk about your work directly with potential buyers.
4. All sales will be reconciled within 10 days of the show closing. Artist should include legal name on submission if different from working name.
5. After-show closing, all work must be picked up on the day(s) indicated for pickup. Hollerbach’s is not responsible for damage during storage to any work not picked up after posted pick up date. Any art not picked up within 14 days of the show closure will become the property of Hollerbach’s.
6. Hollerbach’s Art Haus will make every effort to carefully handle and protect work, however, Hollerbach’s Art Haus cannot be held liable for damage to work or any personal injury sustained while participating at Hollerbach’s.
7. Hollerbach’s is not liable for theft of any work displayed within the premises. We will make every reasonable effort to maintain a secure premise for our artists.
8. We do not insure any art work displayed.

Please contact us with questions.

Create Your Own Cat Cozy

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Cat Coffee Cozy DIY Party

Everyone knows that we love two things at Hollerbach’s Art Haus: cats and purple. So it’s no surprise that when I saw an idea for a felt animal cozy, I had to make a purple cat one for here in the shop! Using a little improvisation, I came up with this cute purple cat cozy, which I totally adore.Click Here to Register for Sewing Classes

I had so much fun making it that we’ll be offering a Cat Cozy DIY Party this coming Tuesday night (4/26)! These fun little crafts are perfect to give as end-of-year gifts for hardworking teachers or to designate your favorite hot beverage at work.

We’ll be making our cozies from felt and embroidery floss, using a blanket stitch to bring it all together. This project is highly customizable, and everyone will be given a range of color choices for their cozy. We hope you’ll join us for a little crafting on Tuesday!

(And thank you to Lia Griffith for the inspiration with her adorable fox cozy! You can see her original project and a bunch of wonderful felt crafts here.) Cat Cozy DIY Party

Meet Your Drawing Class Instructor

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Nick rabbitfoot art

Nick Our Drawing Class InstructorWe are so excited to begin our full gamut of new art classes in April here at the Art Haus! Our new schedule includes some oft-requested drawing classes, Drawing 101 and Drink and Draw. And here to guide us through each drawing class is artist and instructor Nick Criscitelli!

Nick has a BFA from UCF and is celebrated in the Downtown Sanford community for his chalkboard and window artwork at different businesses in town. He has even created signage for the Buster’s Bistro golfcart, which can be seen speeding through the streets at all times of day! He and his fiance Priscilla live in the historic district, where they fill their home with original artwork. His down-to-earth attitude and enthusiasm for teaching make him the perfect instructor for our drawing classes. Check out some of Nick’s art below, or visit Rabbitfoot Records to see his current exhibit!

Join Nick for Drawing 101 on April 5th or learn how to draw faces and portraits at our April 19th Drink and Draw party.

Click Here to Register for Sewing Classes

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Our Upcoming Art Events

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We have a ton of fun stuff happening over the next few weeks! Get glamorous at this Saturday’s Art is a Drag themed ArtWalk, or try one of our new Drawing or Sewing classes. Use the contact form below if you have questions!

Click here to see all the classes and parties you can join. 

Upcoming Art Events

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